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Fishing Report - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - 31st May 2006

How time flies, and what a great 5 months it's been since we started our new operation in January of this year. We have come to the end of our first season. The fishing has been superb and we thank all the wonderful anglers who have joined us and made this all possible. The feedback we have been getting has been awesome and the way next seasons bookings are filling we are very excited about what the future holds. We released a total of 1486 billfish on the "Decisive" in 107 days of fishing, averaging 14 releases a day over this time frame, with a daily high of 80 releases on the bait on the 10th of March, followed by 51 releases the next day on the fly rod for a single fly angler, now that is HOT fishing!!!

May is usually a great month here in Guatemala although it proved to be a little up and down this year. The month started strongly with our friends Malan de Villiers and Wiebo van der Meulen visiting from South Africa, releasing 16 sailfish on the 6th. They followed this up raising 21, getting 5 bites and releasing 3 on the fly on the 7th. The fish were everywhere the next day but proved tuff on the fly getting 14 bites and releasing 9 from the 51 we had up, but still it was great fishing, and always nice to see so many fish.

Towards the middle of the month things slowed a little for another group of South African friends, Bill and Rowan Nair, and Ian van Schoor. The 'Sirena' found them fish however and they released a total of 11 fish on the fly in their 3 days out, with a highlight being a 250# blue marlin Ian released on the fly rod, what an accomplishment, nice work Ian.

By the 24th things were picking up for Bill Easum and his guest Dean Sturm of Texas. Dean had already released a 500# blue the day before, and the duo followed it up with 27 sailfish releases that day and another 12 the following.

Robert, Andrew and Allison Schoenthal fished with us the past 3 days, ending our May run and timing their trip to perfection. With magnificent weather and a flat blue ocean, the fish were found snapping at only 10 miles. We missed a nice blue the first morning but there was no time to ponder with the family releasing 32 sailfish from 49 bites on their first day out. They released 20 yesterday and another 29 sailfish today to wrap up an impressive first half of our year, and see them back to New York with great stories of the bounty of Guatemala's billfishery.

Cindy and I are off to South Africa for three months to catch-up with family and friends, work on a friends hunting concern in the Limpopo valley area, as well as go on a photo safari to the Masai Mara of Kenya. Our bookings have been filling fast for next season and we will be checking emails, but will unfortunately not be able to take phone calls while away, so please do drop us an email if you'd like to make a booking and give our website a look if you have any queries or would like to check availabilities.

We will be back in Guatemala by September and running at full force by October to take advantage of the onset of the fine October weather and influx of sailfish.

Until then, good fishing, circle hooks and healthy releases.

Capt. Brad Philipps